Tell me Doctor which dog collar should I buy?

Many of my clients ask me what type of collar they

should get in order to keep their dog safe and prevent pulling.

The answer is not as simple as it looks. Of course a collar alone will not keep your dog from pulling and there are no substitute for dog training.

On the other hand it is important to keep your furry friend from harm. That is my main goal in writing this blog.

Here are a few choices:

1. The flat collar.

Flat collar

This type of collar is probably the most commonly used and most readily available. You can also chose the color, design,

material and decorations.

This collar is useful if you plan on tying your dog outside for short periods of time. It is not as likely to cause injury to your dog.

However if you plan on walking your dog, it may be more difficult to correct her as she tries to pull.

2. The Martingale.

This collar is a cross between a choker and a flat collar. It can also be found in different colors and materials. The

advantage is that by flicking the leash it makes noise design to get your dog's attention in order to correct her when she pulls. This type of collar is great for walking. And if you plan to tie your best friend outside, it has an extra ring that can be used like a flat collar; in order to keep her safe.

3. The harness

The harness was designed for dogs to pull a sled. It keeps their neck

from straining and is distributed over a larger part of their body.

Most dogs pull when they are walked with this type of harness. Some will pull quite hard causing undue pressure in the shoulder joints. This restricts the movement of the shoulder and may cause your dog to limp. It is not recommended to leave this collar on your dog all day. However if you plan on bringing the dog in the car and using a doggy seat belt, this may be better than a collar. The ladder may cause choking if you must stop rapidly.

4. The gentle leader

The gentle leader also known as head halter attaches at the

base of the skull and around the nose. During a walk if your dog tries to pull, it causes her head to turn. Training a dog with this kind of collar is much easier. Furthermore, it doesn't cause pressure on the shoulders and is safer for their neck.

5. The choker or the prong collar

Prong collar and chokers can harm your dog if used improperly. They are not to be used by inexperienced dog owners without the proper supervision of a trainer.

Prong collars were design to mimic the pack behavior. The function of a choker collar is to choke the dog as she pulls.

No matter what kind of dog collar you choose for your furry friend; your dog can still slip or fall, especially during winter when there is snow and ice. If that should happen, do not hesitate to call or email Dr Michele Morissette, D.C., C.A.C.

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