8 ways to keep your dog in good shape during winter months!

During the coldest days of winter, it is more difficult to keep your dog thin and active but don’t worry there are a few ways to exercise her.

Dog in blanket

Here are a few tips that will keep your dog moving:

1. Walking outside can and should still happen during winter months but you must take a few things in consideration.

Here are some tips that will help:

- If you dog is shivering, looks weak or is lifting a paw this could mean she is cold. This is a good indication it is time to return home.

- Take more frequent but shorter walks.

- Dress your dog appropriately; and bring extra clothing to change her in case she gets wet. Booties are great if your dog tolerates them.

- Avoid going out early mornings or after sundown; during the coldest part of the day.

2. Buy a treadmill and teach her how to walk on it.

There are many videos on YouTube that can show you how to do this and if that fails, you can bring in a dog trainer once or twice. That usually does the trick. Your dog will love it.

3. Play fetch on the carpet.

If you have floors, get a rubber backed mat that will keep your dog from sliding and getting injured.

4. Play tug of war.

You can purchase a strong rope or toy in most pet stores.

5. Make her work for her food or treats.

Hiding your dogs food in an interactive toy can stimulate her mind while making her exercise. You can also use pieces of her food (rather than using extra treats) to make her do tricks, sit, stay etc...

6 Take an obedience class.

You will both be enjoying the results.

7. Bring your dog to an agility class.

Make her walk on a bridge, jump over obstacles, walk thru tunnels etc...

8. Schedule play dates with one of your friend’s dog.

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