3 Reasons Why a Massage Will Improve the Life of Your Rescue Dog

Just like humans, animals benefit greatly from massages. Incorporating a massage into your rescue dog’s daily routine can really help control their anxiety and fear, helping them calmly transition into your family. Here are 3 reasons why massages really work wonders on rescues:

Relieves Stress

For any dog, but especially if your pup is anxious or fearful, a massage can drastically reduce stress. Make 10 minutes of massage part of your nightly routine right after your last walk of the day and your dog will quickly begin to associate this before-bed ritual with a calming, meditative state which will improve not only stress but their quality of sleep.

Build Trust

If you’re a rescue dog owner, you understand the struggle it can be to earn the trust of your pet. From abuse and abandonment issues, to possessiveness and defensive behavior, it takes time and patience for a rescue to come around and begin to identify you as a human worth trusting. Massaging puts your dog into a relaxed state and teaches her to accept being vulnerable, and being touched by you as a positive experience. Once you get her rolling onto her back, you'll know she really trusts you!

Locate Injuries

It can be difficult to recognize pain or even discomfort in our little non-verbal family members. If your rescue suffered an abusive or neglected past, she may have a high pain tolerance, or be so fearful that she doesn't obviously show when she is hurting. Massaging your dog gives you an opportunity to tune into how she feels when you apply pressure to her body while she is relaxed. Focus deeply on how she reacts when you massage the different parts of her body to see if there are any areas that cause her discomfort. You can then test and retest these areas to see if they heal easily or if the help of Dr Michele Morissette, certified animal chiropractor is in order.

Add a massage to your daily ritual and you'll start to see positive changes in your rescue in just a few days. If you have any questions, concerns, or need chiropractichelp for your rescue dog, contact us today by phone or through our website at Ottawa Animal Chiro!

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