About Dr. Michèle Morissette

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Dr. Michèle Morissette, Certified Animal Chiropractor, D.C. offers chiropractic services for large and small animals in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

She has been a member in good standing of the Quebec Chiropractic Order since 1989 and recently became a member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

Her 28 years of clinical experience in a chiropractic office has taught her to respond to various types of issues and concerns brought forward by patients. Being proficient at adjusting the human spine and the owner of 3 dogs herself, the transition towards animal chiropractic care has come naturally.

Dr Morissette studied animal chiropractic at Options For Animals, in Wellsville, Kansas, a school that is accredited by American Veterinary Chiropractic association, International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and The Kansas Board of Regents

Dr Morissette certified animal chiropractor offers mobile service in the capital and surrounding areas

Dr Morissette, certified animal chiropractor


"Chiropractic is a science, an art and a philosophy of things natural, a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column to correct the cause of disease."

- Dr. B.J. Palmer, D.C. 

Chiropractic is a cost effective option for many common veterinary movement problems. The majority of animals show a good response within 3 to 6 visits.

As an animal chiropractor, Dr Morissette, will examine your animal's gait to detect any  dysfunctions. Following this, she will proceed to do what is called motion palpation, a technique in which each joint is taken through the normal range of motion. This will determine where your animal need to have a chiropractic adjustment. After the adjustment, recommendations will be given to help your animal recover faster.